​​​​​​​Those composite art pieces had a lot of adjustments to come firm and elegant as much as you see now.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Typography for a documentary film produced by Al Jazeera.
​​​​​​​She, typographies for the women day.
​​​​​​​colorized flat typographies
​​​​​​​Noor, Typography logo for a musical Sufi band
Sopol, Typography logo for a musical band
​​​​​​​Artistic Typographies.
​​​​​​​Typography logo of social media campaign for Emaar Misr
Typography for Dina ELwadidi song.
Various typographies
​​​​​​​My Name - Dawa - ضوهـ - 达瓦


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