I am Mohamed Dawa

Talented artist seeking excellence without trying to give an image of a fairytale, perfect, everything else, simply being myself.

I grew up with a passion for many kinds of arts, my talent for drawing and calligraphy started at a young age what helped me to adapt and develop my qualification with
effective and productive skills in a very short time to abreast of
the evolution of the creative field.

I have a unique combination of creative art sensations with the ability to create unique art pieces characterized in the applied and artistic sense, pushing the boundaries to keep growing, developing my skills, increasing my knowledge with each gained experience to become even more valuable to my artistic qualifications, work, life.

I got real experience in the most futuristic techniques and design programs from scratch to the professionalism to revive my artworks and create different designs with new artistic dimensions, as well as studying different styles across many cultures and industries within the design world.

What helped me to exploit my expertise in different categories with excellence such as
Branding, Creative Content Creation, Photography, Event Creation,
UI/UX, Calligraphy & Typography, Book Covers Design, Publishing,
Visual Design, Social Media.

I am still working on myself with a long term plan and fully believing that I can do more for now or even soon and achieving more goals on my study plan with exploring new techniques and software.

Now I am studying Visual effects (VFX) techniques of filmmaking and cinematic directing
in the Egyptian Academy of Art, which will allow me to join the media & entertainment industry very soon and achieving new successes.

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